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Rent a luxury car and sports car.

You can rent your personal sports car/racing car or luxury car from us all over Germany. is a platform on which you can conveniently and easily have your car delivered to your doorstep with any conceivable additional services. You will find our vehicles in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich. Of course, we will also supply and develop surrounding areas, the Ruhr area, as well as cities such as Stuttgart, Leipzig and Central Germany.

Sports car driving offers you as a reputable and customer-friendly provider the best experience for your sports car rental. A sports car rental or car-sharing not only ensures lower prices but also less effort. Maintenance, insurance and other expenses are eliminated.

On our website, we offer you various options, which we are expanding. You can rent a Porsche, a Lamborghini, the American Ford Mustang, or even a Nissan GT R rent. You can also rent vehicles from the FerrariAudi RS or Audi R8 brands, as well as vehicles on electricity such as Tesla. So that your sports car experience, on the country road, highway or comes into its own in the city, we would like to convince you with a simple, simple and serious booking at our sports car rental.

We know what you think. You can rent a vehicle even without a deposit

This is possible in the sense of an instructor trip , sometimes from the age of 18.
From 30 minutes you can book a trip with an employee who, as a passenger, gives advice and tips on the vehicle. You can drive your dream car completely yourself for up to 60 minutes. You usually don’t need a credit card with us and in this case, you don’t even need a security deposit. After a personal consultation, a rental period of 15 minutes to 180 minutes is possible with a fixed or personally defined route. So that the sports car experience remains an experience. Contact us.

Give away a sports car experience.

Giving away something that causes an adrenaline kick at the thought? Motorsport feeling in the very first second? Then a drive in a BMW M or Mercedes AMG  or the AMG GTS would be just the thing! And if you don’t know which sports car you should give as a voucher, then you are in good hands with us. Buy a voucher that is valid for all vehicles and all cities on our website. The simple experience that you would like to experience on our website is certain to be passed on to your loved ones, acquaintances or friends. Get advice within minutes, get your voucher by email or as a card by post and give away a surprise. Our 360-degree service also offers small touches such as a model vehicle or other services. We are just a chat window away.

Take care of yourself!

By that, we mean of course also during COVID-19. With us you can pay in advance without contact, the employees take appropriate measures and the vehicles are thoroughly cleaned before each handover.
This time, however, we mean dubious providers. Read reviews critically and check for authenticity. Unfortunately, there are always providers who are not registered and approved sports car rentals or who simply work dubiously. Do not get involved and do not accept dubious payment methods. Please also leave the reference “ Self-drive rental vehicle” Show and check the HU sticker in the vehicle registration document, which must not be older than 1 year for a rental car.

Renting, leasing, buying a sports car for longer period? or other services for your vehicle?

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